Bernhard Cella

Collecting Books

A conceptual snapshot of the arts in book form.

My first selection of Austrian art books and artists’ books produced over the last two years. Who publishes art books and artists’ books today and what content do they articulate? This collection contains a synopsis of statements by the actors, their descriptions of themselves, and a brief introduction to each of the curated books. Participants: Museums, firms, private foundations, small publishers, and individual artists.

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The Secession Talks

The Secession Talks is a compilation of fifty artists' talks which accompanied the exhibitions at the Vienna Secession between 1997 and 2010. They cnotextualize the history of exhibitions at the Secession and allow a new examination and evaluation of the program. Now published in book form, these conversations between artists and well-known critics, art historians, curators, and fellow artists hold a unique position at the interface between creative production and art education.

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EVN Collection: 2006-2011

The volume EVN Collection: 2006-2011 documents the extension of the EVN Group's collection within the past five years. The wide panorama of contemporary positions that unfolds here reveals a variety of ways of leaving traditional views behind. Eight associatively chosen themes such as "Archive," "Politics," or "Resource" establish a reference system beyond conventional schemes of order.

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The Network for Art, Technology and Society

For thirty years now, art, technology, and society have been fields of interest whose highly complex, vibrant networks of relationships have been at the center of activities at Ars Electronica.

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2012 The publication Ghost takes a step back and makes an investigation about the juxtaposition of five theses about the format of the artisitic residence as a surface for the impression processes emerging from a set of collective decisions possible. Five proposals for organization and creation of knowledge through practice, where the produced matter and content inscribe themselves politically in the modes of operation. The invited group projects were: Oficina do Cego: graphic techniques and practices (, the

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With this publication, the newly founded BRUSEUM at the Neue Galerie Graz is showcasing the international importance of Viennese action artist Günter Brus (*1938 in Styria) based on works from his various creative areas and periods.

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Inside the Work

The publication “Documenting 13 Years of KUB” is a comprehensive overview of Kunsthaus Bregenz’s history from when it was built in 1997 until 2009. In an essential essay the publication’s editor Eckhard Schneider presents his concept of Kunsthaus Bregenz and explains how, based on the notion “Inside the Work,” it was implemented.

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Kiesler Foundation: Vienna Projects 2009-2011

This slipcase set of publications gives visibility to the history of the impact avant-gardist Frederick Kiesler achieved, which can be traced from Modernism to the present.

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EVN Collection: A Selection

As one aspect of the EVN Group`s communication, the evn collection offers the opportunity to become involved with contemporary visual art. The presentation of the exhibits in the head office premises encourages in depth concern with the most current trends in art.

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21er Haus: Back to the Future

After an extensive period of reconstruction and modification, the 20er Haus finally reopens its doors as the 21er Haus. By acquiring this building, a milestone of Austrian architecture history, the Belvedere realizes a vision that was first articulated in the early years of the past century.

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Peter Ginter, one of the world’s leading photographers, acclaimed author Franzobel and Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Director General of Cern, tackle the subject of the largest and most complex machine ever imagined by man, the “World Machine”: a huge and unimaginably precise underground particle physics experiment.

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