Bernhard Cella

Collecting Books

A conceptual snapshot of the arts in book form.

My first selection of Austrian art books and artists’ books produced over the last two years. Who publishes art books and artists’ books today and what content do they articulate? This collection contains a synopsis of statements by the actors, their descriptions of themselves, and a brief introduction to each of the curated books. Participants: Museums, firms, private foundations, small publishers, and individual artists.

Artist Book / Social / political Activism / Photography /

I Fear Nothing Because I have Nothing

Patrícia Almeida & David-Alexandre Guéniot 2012 'I Fear Nothing' is a collection of photographs of posters from the demonstration held on October 15 2011, which led to the occupation of the Parliament staircase in Lisbon. On October 15, the Spanish indignados movement called for a day of global protest. The movement had got its second wind in September, with the "Occupy Wall Street" mass demonstrations in New York. In Lisbon, the protest named "October 15, Democracy goes out!" began with a

Artist Book / Social / political Activism / Photography /

The Candidate

António Júlio Duarte 2012 Macau was the last remaining European colony in China when the Portuguese transferred back the Sovereignty over Macau to China on the 20th of December 1999. The government in Macau is now headed by a chief executive, who is appointed by the People's Republic of China's central government after selection by an election committee, whose members are nominated by local corporate bodies. In June 2009 Fernando Chui Sai On declared himself the sole