Bernhard Cella

Collecting Books

A conceptual snapshot of the arts in book form.

My first selection of Austrian art books and artists’ books produced over the last two years. Who publishes art books and artists’ books today and what content do they articulate? This collection contains a synopsis of statements by the actors, their descriptions of themselves, and a brief introduction to each of the curated books. Participants: Museums, firms, private foundations, small publishers, and individual artists.

Magazine / Special Edition /

Parabol Art Magazine: The in Transit Issue

Parabol Art Magazine is an international magazine for contemporary art. The publication is biannually published in English. A curator devises each issue. Each curator’s task is to examine a contemporary phenomenon in pictures and words on the basis of artistic points of view. Parabol focuses on the representation of contemporary art in graphic space. The magazine sees itself as both a network and platform. Its primary aim is to promote debate about contemporary art.

special edition art-magazine

Catalog / Special Edition /

Los Carpinteros: Handwork Constructing the World

In addition to the "Los Carpinteros" monograph, TBA21 published a special edition of the book: Taking up Los Carpinteros’ watercolor drawings of sandals that are combined with maps of cities, Los Carpinteros conceived a very special slipcase which is available as a limited edition.

los carpinteros special edition artist south america

Special Edition /

Lukas Pusch: 2

Dreizehn Hefte, die verschiedene Arbeiten, Ausstellungen und Aktionen der vergangenen Jahre dokumentieren.

Special Edition / Photography /

Public Art Lower Austria: Special Edition

This Special Edition occupies a particularly dedicated place in the publications 'Public Art. Art in Public Space in Lower Austria”. On the one hand, it is a photo book documenting the 'Art in Public Space' openings of the period 2000-2012. On the other hand, the Special Edition, with its unique graphic design of superimposed photographs, is an art book of a special kind.

artist public space

Catalog / Special Edition /

Tacita Dean: Seven Books Grey

The title of the show plays with multiple readings of line drawing, the path of 'lifelines' and the linearity of filmic narratives and image sequences. Just as lines can connect up different points, the artist connects up different media–film, photography, drawing, and books–in her work.

film exhibition drawing artist book photography

Special Edition / Theory /

The Smart Frrridge

Smart Frrridge Reader was published in 2012 with materials from the exhibition "The Smart Frrridge. Chilly Forecast for Internet Fridge", at Kunstverein Medienturm in Graz, curated by Sandro Droschl and Yngve Holen, with contributions by Nicolas Ceccaldi, Simon Denny, Yngve Holen, Ilja Karilampi, Morag Keil, AIDS 3-D (Keller Kosmas) and Marlie Mul.

participatory culture exhibition

Special Edition / Audio /

ZART: una cantata moebius

The cantata „Moebius“ ZART provokes a musical experience along the “eventhorizon of time”. Specially designed sounds provide a timeless counterpart of the infinite principle of the so-called Moebius strip. Electronically generated Moebius sounds -- played forward and reversed while sounding the same -- are rated on two sound tracks.

visual art contemporary music

Special Edition / Institution /

Kiesler Foundation: Vienna Projects 2009-2011

This slipcase set of publications gives visibility to the history of the impact avant-gardist Frederick Kiesler achieved, which can be traced from Modernism to the present.

kiesler foundation

Special Edition / Audio /

Departure Literatur Lab

In the past two years departure has fathomed out the opportunities of combining literature with visuals in the scope of the literature lab. Reacting to the great positive response from the audience and the interest of the visualists to continue exploring the artistic potential were commissioned to create visuals for texts.

literature audiovisual

Special Edition / Audio /

Hugo Wolf: Collector's Edition

Based on the “lied lab 2010: hugo wolf festival”, which was held last year at ORF Radiokulturhaus, Erwin K. Bauer has designed a high-quality five-volume DVD box published by Hoanzl. The DVDs are not just a reproduction of the concert live performances, but are themselves a completely new kind of encounter between different genres.

special edition contemporary music

Special Edition / Audio /

Gustav Mahler: Lied Collector's Edition

The seven-DVD edition of songs by Mahler combines new ways of presentation and reinterpretations of the compositions. The comprehensive compilation reflects the wide range of Mahler’s lied oeuvre and takes you on an audiovisual journey of exploration of different approaches and interpretational positions.

special edition vienna music dvd visual art

Special Edition /

John Bock: Malträtierte Fregatte Vol. I-IV

Published on the occasion of the premiere of John Bock's performance "Malträtierte Fregatte" at the Magazin of the Staatsopera, Berlin (September 2006), the "Shirt Series" was published by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary in a limited edition of 500 copies. A documentation of the editing and the profusion of notes made by the artist himself, each of the four volumes provides unique insight into the creative process.

special edition performance

Catalog / Special Edition / Audio /

The Morning Line Publication Box

"The Morning Line" is both ruin and monument, the blackened frame of a cathedral-like structure; a drawing in and of space; an ‘anti-pavilion’. It is also s platform for contemporary music, it is as much an instrument as a building, saturated with speakers, using a unique interactive ambisonic system designed by Matthew Ritchie and the Music Research Centre at York University.

contemporary music vinyl special edition audio architecture sculpture