Bernhard Cella

Collecting Books

A conceptual snapshot of the arts in book form.

My first selection of Austrian art books and artists’ books produced over the last two years. Who publishes art books and artists’ books today and what content do they articulate? This collection contains a synopsis of statements by the actors, their descriptions of themselves, and a brief introduction to each of the curated books. Participants: Museums, firms, private foundations, small publishers, and individual artists.

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The Secession Talks

The Secession Talks is a compilation of fifty artists' talks which accompanied the exhibitions at the Vienna Secession between 1997 and 2010. They cnotextualize the history of exhibitions at the Secession and allow a new examination and evaluation of the program. Now published in book form, these conversations between artists and well-known critics, art historians, curators, and fellow artists hold a unique position at the interface between creative production and art education.

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Art and Now

Der vorliegende Band verdankt sich einem im besten Sinn undisziplinären Vorgehen. TheoretikerInnen, KunstwissenschaftlerInnen, KünstlerInnen, KuratorInnen und KunstmanagerInnen haben sich in ganz unterschiedlichen Textsorten auf Fragen eingelassen, deren Relevanz nicht auf das Feld der Kunst beschränkt bleiben kann.

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The Integration Process

Pedro Neves Marques 2012 Book composed of four short stories written by the artist, each one taking on a distinct kind of speech as a reflection of its context and content. The Anonymous Life of Patek Philippe introduces us to the intricacies of the value attribution at play in this swiss watch brand through the perspective a wristwatch. On Escolha (André Guedes, 2007) analyses and reassesses in the style of an oblique art review a work by the artist André

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Nuno da Luz 2011 A re-edition of Pictorial Knowledge vols. 1—10 (Oxford: Pergamon Press) 1968, a visual encyclopaedia for children subtitled a "Treasury of General Knowledge," according to the set of principles put forward by Joseph T. Tykociner as Zetetics – the science of research. Includes an annotated reading through of Outline of Zetetics (Philadelphia: Dorrance & Company) 1966.

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Totem and Taboo

Totem and Taboo thematises the problems of separation and transference that create a discrete confusion in the relations between art and design.

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Moderne: Selbstmord der Kunst?

In radical Modernism, reality and real things replaced everything that had been painted before its advent—meaning everything that had only been depicted visually—at least according to the thesis put forward by this publication.

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Günter Brus: Expositions

A symposium-based tribute to Günter Brus by international contributors, philosophers, art critics and historians, curators, artists and musicians (with a CD containing a musical composition by Olga Neuwirth and Burkhard Stangle).

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Gendering Post-Socialist Transition

The studies of Gendering Post-Socialist Transition presented in this volume follow the economic, political, social and cultural effects and traces of system changes in the lives of women and men after 1989 in eleven countries of Central and South Eastern Europe.

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Gender Check: A Reader

This anthology gathers writings on art and gender in Eastern Europe, contributing almost neglected historical and contemporary aspects to present debates, thereby shedding new light on the field as a whole.

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Marina Grzinic: Re-Politicizing Art, Theory Presentation and New Media Technology

While so-called new capitalist global exhibition projects that either include selected Third and Second World artists and their artworks or are organized just for them are developing, so is a subtle system of inclusion and exclusion.

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Immediacy and Non-Simultaneity. Utopia of Sound

In the last two decades there has been a significant boom in the cultural sensibility towards sounds and noise - a kind of sonic boom that can, following the second meaning of this term, be seen as a breakthrough of the sonic itself.

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Gabrielle Koller and Martin Zeller: Künstlerbücher/Artist's Books

This book presents a series of interviews and essays by scholars, critics, and artists who make artists' books.

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Critical Complicity

Complicity is a micro-collaborative alliance at the borders of established organizational systems. In a diversity of subversive possibilities, their critical potential unfolds.

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Colonial Modern

Colonial Modern focuses on the dual topics of the relationship between the post-war aesthetic regime of modernism and the project of modernization in architecture and urban planning, as well as on the highly charged intertwining of both in the context of colonialism and decolonization.

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Ernst Logar: Invisible Oil

In 'Invisible Oil', the artist Ernst Logar addresses the material petroleum and its importance as a basis of our modern civilization using the example of the Scottish petroleum metropolis Aberdeen. In the course of his work, the artist managed to get access to non public places of the North Sea based petroleum industry.

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Nikolaus Gansterer: Drawing a Hypothesis

Drawing a Hypothesis is a reader on the ontology of forms of visualizations and on the development of the diagrammatic view and its use in contemporary art, science and theory. In an intense process of exchange with artists and scientists, Nikolaus Gansterer reveals drawing as a media of research enabling the emergence of new narratives and ideas by tracing the speculative potential of diagrams.

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Carl Einstein: A Defense of the Real

Carl Einstein (1885-1940) is emerging ever more clearly as one of the most representative and complex figures in the commitments of European artists and intellectuals between the First World War, revolution, avant-garde art, the Spanish Civil War and the rise of National Socialism.

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Three Films/Three Photographs

In tandem with the exhibition Three Films / Three Photographs (Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden, Germany 2011), this publication endeavours to provide a contribution to the discussion of current debates and focuses thematically upon the global, cultural and medial condition of a society that - in the words of Zygmunt Bauman - cannot stand still, but is perpetually modernising.

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The Smart Frrridge

Smart Frrridge Reader was published in 2012 with materials from the exhibition "The Smart Frrridge. Chilly Forecast for Internet Fridge", at Kunstverein Medienturm in Graz, curated by Sandro Droschl and Yngve Holen, with contributions by Nicolas Ceccaldi, Simon Denny, Yngve Holen, Ilja Karilampi, Morag Keil, AIDS 3-D (Keller Kosmas) and Marlie Mul.

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Sculpture Unlimited

Interest in the history of sculpture seems to be experiencing a revival, including traditional techniques and production methods, which often appear appealing, even radical, in the age of the Internet and social media.

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Daniel Hafner: Dialogue(s) Reflecting on all things merely experienced

Daniel Hafner’s series of artistic experiments are not only capable of making us aware of the complex ways in which our phenomenal world functions. In addition, his seemingly simple viewing devices often unmask our experience as deceptive appearance.


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Morgan Fisher: Writings

Fisher’s reflection on the history and technologies of seeing also includes a form of appropriation and transformation, of irony and lightness. This reading of (art) history, as well as autobiographical elements are characteristic of the artist’s much-anticipated writings, in which Morgan Fisher is eruditely weaving each of his works into a cosmos of intellectual figures and autobiographical and historical references.

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Katrina Daschner: Nouvelle Burlesque Brutal

Time and again Katrina Daschner perceives the stage and the context of an exhibition as a sexualised arena of play and performance in which processes of desire and power - along with gaze scenarios - are negotiated and staged.


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Continuing Dialogues

The aim of the book that accompanies the Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory is to continue the theories and approach pursued by Igor Zabel in his exhibitions, publications, critical writings and European exchange initiatives.


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The Artist as Public Intellectual?

In reading all the theoretical contributions to this book, an essentially common idea of the social can be observed which is of fundamental importance for a new definition of artistic production: a process-related order of institutionalized actions, including the linguistic actions to which individuals are exposed.

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From Conceptualism to Feminism

Four exhibitions of contemporary art curated by Lucy Lippard have become known as her 'numbers shows'. Each took the population of the city in which it was shown as its title: ‘557,087’ in Seattle, ‘955,000’ in Vancouver, ‘2,972,453’ in Buenos Aires and ‘c.7,500’ in Valencia, California, before touring the US and to London.

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Productive Limits: Architects Gone Exploratory

Traditionally architecture's potential to invigorate social and individual life derives from its ability to design and materialise buildings and cities. Yet when architects retreat from design and engage in other domains of architecture and adjacent disciplines, architecture's efficacy derives from design-thinking rather than the activity of designing.

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